Mother of a dyslexic child

Dr. Gunet Eroglu

Günet Eroğlu holds a PhD degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Sabancı University.  She has an MSc in Computing from Oxford University. Due to her son’s dyslexia, she was specialized in improving reading abilities of dyslexic children with neurofeedback and multi-sensory learning. She is the inventor and principal developer of Auto Train Brain mobile app which improves the reading speed and reading comprehension of dyslexic children upon 60-sessions of usage at home. She participated in the clinical trials of Auto Train Brain on dyslexic, autistic and ADHD children at hospitals. She won many social impact related prizes, she had interviews at TV programs. She is the moderator in a TV series called “Brain Power”. She is the author of “Popular overview of brain science” book. She is the lecturer, CEO and the proud mother.

Dr. Günet Eroğlu - Founder

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