Dyslexia Acknowledgment of a learning disability

“Some people’s plans for destiny involve greater testing and experience. Sometimes you have a hard time accepting your destiny, but the sooner you accept it, the faster you will progress.

My mother gave birth to me by natural birth, but I was without oxygen for a long time during the birth. Maybe that was the point where my autoimmune problems started, maybe it was written in my genetic code. Because when I look at my family history and relatives, there are epilepsy and learning difficulties in boys.

I remember that I had severe allergy cases a few times in my childhood: a doctor even told my father that I was going to die because of the rash on my body.

I started primary school at the age of 5, I had no difficulty in reading. But I think there was a problem with socialization. I couldn’t pass the science high school exam, but I started University at the age of 16. Anxiety, introversion, inability to socialize, and lack of self-confidence have always been symptoms in my life, and dyspraxia. But we were academically successful, hardworking, nice kids. We grew up without any learning disability diagnosis that there was a problem, thankfully.

But things change when it comes to 21st century children. Unfortunately, they are quickly diagnosed. Maybe cesarean delivery, maybe industrial agricultural products, modern life do not make them grow as close to normal as we do.

My attempt as a mother to develop this product is an effort to make it socially accepted, or at least capable of reading, one of the most important survival skills. It is an effort to bring neurofeedback home without side effects, which is mentioned in thousands of scientific articles in the literature. Being accepted by his friends and teachers is his desire to improve with an inexhaustible energy and effort as a mother on the way to increase his self-confidence. What I want for my son is an effort to want the good future for your children as well, and to share my work with you.

What I’ve learned on this journey is an endless acceptance process. Respect for his existence, love, to offer him endless support in his existence. When I set out on this path, I had only one wish for him to receive neurofeedback, that he at least be able to read. It was to be literate in life. Because it is really difficult to exist in the 21st century world without being able to read.

But I never had any intention of changing him or wanting him to be first in the exams. It was my first wish for him to be happy. Because autoimmune problems increase and worsen with the stress response, I never wanted to stress him out.

At this point, he has become a young person who does many sports from ice skating to basketball, plays the piano with 10 fingers, and has an average of 95 in secondary school. When measured at the age of 7, the difference between performance IQ and verbal IQ was more than 20 points, he was still diagnosed as gifted. At 16, we were elevated to a gifted person who closed the gap between performance and verbal IQ with Auto Train Brain. Now he is an adolescent, the whole endocrine system is changing so much just like a pregnant woman, it is turbulent, unfortunately I have no added value other than keeping up with this development, accepting him as he is, just aiming and wishing that life will treat her well.

I do my best to help him find his own way in life and bring out the talents in him. I know and accept that autoimmune problems will affect him differently at different ages throughout his life. But I want him to know that I, as his mother, support him and try to do my best so that he can express the creative power that exists within him, just as a butterfly harbors and displays all the colors and beauties in his life, even if it is short.

May God pave the way for all of our children, encourage them to overcome their learning difficulties and express themselves, and give them the good news of a literate and literate future with Auto Train Brain.”

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