Allergic asthma and dyslexia

The year is 2008. It’s 02:00 at night. My sweet baby is 4 years old with a fever of 39 degrees. And he’s coughing nonstop. I take off her top and wipe her body with wet towels. Sleep is flowing from his eyes, but both fever and cough do not allow him to sleep. I work at the bank, but about 10 months after my baby was born, he was diagnosed with bronchitis and then asthma. All the doctors we went to think that there is no developmental problem other than asthma. They did not make any changes in nutrition either.

Sometimes he receives antibiotic treatment 2 times a month. Antibiotics prevent fevers, Ventolin prevents asthma attacks. My sweet baby walked at 10 months, talked at 1 year old, said toilet at 15 months. My test with fire is staying awake at night, going to the bank like this, entrusting my son to his caregiver. It has become so automatic now that the event is over as soon as the fever goes away, and we start antibiotics the next day. We were not told to start any probiotics along with antibiotics. A doctor stated that general allergy testing should be done, but allergy tests under the age of 6 were not done because they did not produce the true result.

Know-it-alls say that the main problem is in the care of the mother; but how can it be all the blame on the mother when she puts a large monthly salary on a babysitter who comes regularly and is much more skilled than me? If love is spoken, I wait for him all night in sickness and in health.

The year is 2010. My sweet baby is starting school. He’s always been an active kid, he can’t sit still for 10 minutes, carbs and sugar are his favorites. He drinks a lot of milk.

Dude, look, this is the letter BBB, this is the letter DDD, D camel, B dad… Many repetitions, again b and d get mixed up.

Look, son, you will take the pen and hold it like this, we will draw the letter a like this. A futile repetition, at last I take his limp hands and teach him how to write with my own hand.

At the end of the 2nd year, the diagnosis is made, dyslexia. There is no cure, it just gets better with some training.

From 2010 to 2020, I went through many metamorphoses. From first a workaholic businesswoman to a stay-at-home mom, then her life coach and primary educator, and a solution maker for that matter.

Medical Science has come a long way in 10 years. Now, when the child has a fever, only dolven is continued for 3 days, antibiotics are only started to be given when the fever continues for 3 days intermittently. Probiotic supplementation is given along with antibiotic treatment. Food allergy and immune system problems are suspected on the basis of an allergic condition that concerns the lungs, such as asthma, and the GAPS diet is made, and the child’s health condition improves greatly in this way. For the diagnosis of dyslexia with AutoTrainBrain, a preliminary analysis is made without waiting for the end of the age of 8, and the relevant doctor is directed for diagnosis. The education of the child with dyslexia, who starts school and is under heavy pressure, can be given at home under the control of the mother with Auto Train Brain. Most importantly, it is known that genetics is the basis of dyslexia, and allergic children are at risk of developing dyslexia due to the co-development of the brain-gut-immune system. Today, it is agreed that the increase in these situations is avoiding natural nutrition, GMO foods and pesticides, and the mother’s stressful pregnancy.

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