Auto Train Brain Solution

Dyslexia Answers to frequently asked questions about learning disability and Auto Train Brain

From the EEG header, we read only the EEG signals produced in the brain from 14 channels. It is out of the question to give an electrical current back to the brain in any way. Our product was made by an engineer mother and was used on herself and her son with dyslexia. We have more than 2500 users so far. No one had any negative effects. Have peace of mind. The human brain generates electrical current between 0-100 Hz, and data transfer from Bluetooth and wi-fi takes place over 2.4 GHz. In other words, it does not create an interference effect with the electromagnetism of the brain. At most, it has as much effect on the human body as using wi-fi in your home. We have a CE certificate stating that it does not have a negative effect on human health.

The human brain is not negatively affected by using the product for 4 months and leaving it. No side effects were observed in any of the children participating in our clinical study, except for a short-term headache.

Neurofeedback is carried out by giving visual and auditory feedback from the mobile phone. The person is expected to regulate intentions and own brain signals. The application interface is suitable for use of all ages.

Our product only works by showing the person’s own brain signals and giving feedback on how to lower slow waves. There is no risk of developing addiction to the product.

Neurologists recommend our product to their patients. Our experts, Assoc. Dr. Barış Ekici and Prof. Dr. You can visit Fehim Arman and get their opinion.

We have the option of renting or purchasing our product for 4 months. We provide ease of payment by dividing it into 12 installments by credit card. 20 sessions of neurofeedback are done at a cost of approximately 30-40.000 TL in our competitors. Our solution has much more affordable pricing.

If you want to use our product under the supervision of a psychologist on a session basis, we can direct you to the psychologists we work with in your city (Istanbul, Kayseri, Antalya).

There is no cure for dyslexia. The benefit to be expected from the use of the product is that the child shows at least 2 levels of progress, especially in spelling, reading and reading comprehension. Reducing dyslexia symptoms.

The method we use is non-invasive (that is, non-invasive to the human body and not a drug). You have the option to terminate the training at any time, and there are no side effects. Our users, on average, use our product approximately 100 times with great happiness and devotion. There were no users returning the products we sell, and the majority of users preferred to extend the subscription period if necessary.

Auto Train Brain comes across as the most logical, permanent positive effect you can make for your child, a long-term investment that does not cause drug addiction and its benefits.

EEG başlığından, 14 kanaldan sadece beyinde üretilen EEG sinyallerini okuyoruz. Herhangi bir şekilde beyne gerisin geriye bir elektrik akımı vermek söz konusu değildir. Ürünümüz, mühendis bir anne tarafından gerçekleştirildi, hem kendisi, hem de disleksili oğlu üzerinde kullanıldı. Şu ana kadar 2500’den fazla kullanıcımız oldu. Hiç kimsede negatif etki oluşmadı. İçiniz rahat olsun.

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