Auto Train Brain Solution, Effective at clinical level

Dyslexia Auto Train Brain does not go inside the body and respects your personal information

In these days when we had to stay in our homes because of the coronavirus, there have been rumors about the abuse of advanced technology, such as biosensors that can be loaded into vaccines that can protect us from Corona, the change of the economic system and the mandatory transition to digital money.

Technology alone is not good or bad, it’s who owns it and for what purpose it’s what makes it good or bad. Internet technologies and sensor technologies have been developing very rapidly in recent years. The developed biosensors read data such as temperature, humidity, EEG, ECG from the human body. In the past, these sensors, which were the size of a button and were non-invasive, can be produced as small as 5 micro meters, that is, as small as a pinhead, with the latest technological developments, and can be injected into the blood with a syringe. The sensors circulating in our blood can transfer body-related data to mobile phones with technologies such as Bluetooth and 5G. Technology enables the collection of this data, but what to do with the data collected from humans is the most important issue. This technology cannot be called good or bad by itself. However, it can be classified according to who uses it and for what purpose.

If you use this technology to give people an ID, to separate the healthy from the sick, and to destroy the sick, it would be a misuse of this technology. You wouldn’t be doing anything ethical if you switch to this technology to vaccinate people against the Corona Virus with the promise of tying a monthly salary of 1000 USD and if you monitor and control them. It does not conform to the independence, conscience, creation and nature of man.

If you use the same technology to identify the sick organ in the body with early diagnosis, to understand the changes in the body rhythms of lonely elderly people, to suggest the appropriate treatment, and to increase the cognitive performance of autistic children with neurofeedback, you will be using the technology in a good way.

As Auto Train Brain, we also read EEG data with a non-invasive method (currently with button-sized electrodes). We transfer it to the mobile phone via bluetooth and store it in the cloud using a wi-fi connection. First of all, we do not keep any information (TCKN, name, surname, email, etc.) that will reveal the ID of the person, only a user determined by the person himself is defined and this userid is not kept in relation to any other account such as facebook, google.

We keep the sales invoice information on the parachute accounting system, and the invoice information entered here is the information we are expected to collect financially. We do not integrate invoice and sales information and user information. In other words, it is not possible to access user information in any way from billing information.

We process the EEG data we read with Auto Train Brain and use it to provide neurofeedback to reduce the slow waves of children with dyslexia and autism, and then to report activity information. Userid-based EEG activity data are only shared with the relevant doctor when necessary.

The Auto Train Brain system has been developed in Turkey and with Turkish funds, we have received our patent both in Turkey and in the world. In the future, we want to be able to produce the headline we read EEG with newer sensor technologies ourselves. Our users see the progress of their children with their eyes after 3-6 months of use. Our product heals the person as you use it and does not create addiction.

Auto Train Brain uses technology for the betterment of people, by protecting and observing personal data, respecting human nature and producing successful results in a very challenging field such as brain health.

In this context, it is an example of the good and beneficial use of technology for human life. It has been produced to heal people, to have a better quality life. He undertook the treatment of children with dyslexia and autism, who were given various adjectives, marginalized and scolded throughout his life, in accordance with human nature, and it creates positive effects that bring them into society, increase cognitive functions, reduce behavioral problems, and bring them closer to normal.

One day, when we are all tested with any vaccine, technology, drug that will save us from the Coronavirus, the first thing we should look at and test is who produced the technology and who/what purpose it serves. If the price we pay to reach the solution is only the price of the product and it can be paid, then it is a viable solution.

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