Dyslexia Dr Club Interview

We talked to Günet EROĞLU about the mobile application called “Auto Train Brain” that they developed for dyslexic children who have difficulties in school life and learning.

Could you briefly introduce Auto Train Brain?

AutoTrainBrain is a mobile phone software for use with the eMotiv EPOC+ head that reads from 14 electrodes and permanently improves the cognitive performance of dyslexic people in 20 or more home uses. The business model is subscription based. AutoTrainBrain is based on neurofeedback and multi-sensory learning approaches, which have a place in the literature and are known to be positively effective in dyslexia. AutoTrainBrain, HMS Health Mobile Software Saglik Mobil Yazilim A.S. produced by. TÜBITAK 1512 is funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

Our target audience is dyslexic children, adolescents and adults. Our products for ADHD and Autism will soon be on the market.

Dyslexia is seen in 10-15% of school-age children. According to the researches, 83% of the children who were diagnosed and identified in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of primary school and who received special education intervention can continue their education without any problems.

I am conducting my doctoral study on software, which I designed and developed based on my own life experience, under the supervision of Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences faculty members Assoc. Dr. Müjdat Çetin and Associate Dr. Selim Balcısoy. With the funds received, R&D studies were carried out and the application was developed. Our work continues under the responsibility of Prof Dr Serap Teber at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. Our team includes Prof. Dr. Fehim Arman, Associate Dr. Barış Ekici, Psychologist Meltem Kırmızı and Psychologist Kardelen Ertürk. The mobile application we developed reduces the effects of dyslexia, which is a subgroup of specific learning disabilities and cannot be treated with medication yet, and helps children increase their school success.

Can we get information about your work, product portfolio and solutions?

Our published articles so far are attached, soon we will be publishing the results on dyslexic children when our clinical research is finished.

1. Eroğlu, Günet, Müjdat Çetin, and Selim Balcisoy. “Electroencephalographic identifiers of reading abilities in turkish language.” 2018 26th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU). IEEE, 2018.

2. Eroglu, Gunet, et al. “Improving cognitive functions of dyslexies using multi-sensory learning and EEG neurofeedback.” 2018 26th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU). IEEE, 2018.

3.Eroglu, Gunet, et al. “Can we predict who will respond more to neurofeedback with resting state EEG?.” 2018 Medical Technologies National Congress (TIPTEKNO). IEEE, 2018.

Our product portfolio currently includes AutoTrainBrain- Mindfullness (for General use), AutoTrainBrain Dyslexia- (our solution for Dyslexia). In the near future, our AutoTrainBrain- Autism and AutoTrainBrain- ADHD solutions will be available.

“We are currently the only clinically proven effective solution”

There are some non-specific feedback solutions on the global market that do not meet the needs of dyslexic people:

AutoTrainBrain is the only clinically proven effective solution for dyslexia that performs personalized neurofeedback with 14 channels of norm data.

Can we get information about the services you provide before and after sales?

Our clinical research is currently ongoing and the results we have are positive. Although we do not follow an active sales strategy, we serve people who want to use our product. The product is a self-service product, you buy it online, you also order an EEG cap, and when you receive the product, you can use it at home by following the instructions for use.

We offered free TILLS testing and doctor’s examination to people who participated in our clinical trial. If deemed necessary, we can offer similar services to our customers for a fee, or we can only refer you to relevant doctors and institutions.

What is your roadmap for the future? Are there new projects and goals on the horizon?

Following our road plan for the future, the end of our clinical research and the sharing of the results in the international article (October.2019), we will apply for CE certification for the software. Simultaneously, we want to develop our own header design. We also want to find solutions for Autism and ADHD.

When we get the CE certificate, it will be to apply to the Ministry of Health and ensure that our product is included in the scope of the medical drug provided by the state. Thus, diagnosed children and their families will have the opportunity to buy the product and treatment and use it at home without paying any fee.

How do you see the export potential of your product?

Our product has a high export potential, and according to the projections, our company’s revenues will reach 17 million EURO in the next five years.

“We expect new developments in EEG signal processing and noise removal algorithms”

We expect new innovation in EEG signal processing and noise removal algorithms. We aim to develop algorithms that aim to process the data we read from different topics very well, and to develop algorithms that target different brain states.

In this century, we expect that there will be an increase in brain conditions such as dyslexia and autism, people will prefer home rehabilitation due to their busy living conditions, they will prefer to use products that have been scientifically proven to increase brain performance, and the mobile phone software market will increase.

What strategy do you follow in times of crisis?

In times of crisis, we prioritize software development and develop projects with our own resources.

What problems do you encounter during your work?

The biggest problem in EEG signal processing is that we have a problem in easily producing the hardware header in Turkey. We will take steps to solve this issue in our first new investment, and we will design and produce a headphone that reads EEG and works efficiently in Turkey.

Can you give information about your R&D/Innovation studies?

Our current innovation efforts are focused entirely on developing appropriate algorithms and training for dyslexia and autism.

What are the reasons that direct you and your institution to R&D/Innovation?

Although neurofeedback for dyslexia was performed in psychiatrists’ offices, it was not a solution suitable for home rehabilitation, without side effects, and for families to use. Our product fills this gap.

How does digital transformation affect your industry?

Digital technologies will enable people to receive many health services from their home, process improvement will be made in patient-doctor relations and will reduce costs considerably.

Home rehabilitation of brain conditions such as ADHD/dyslexia/autism with EEG signal processing and neurofeedback, new solutions in the sector, and newly formed infrastructures with digital transformation. We will see these infrastructures increase and adopt rapidly in the coming years.

Digital technologies are changing many ways of doing business. The important thing is to define products and processes that are beneficial for human health and have no side effects and to put them into practice. There are clinical research processes for the acceptance of human-touching technologies, and these processes can take a very long time, so it is very difficult to launch a new product in the health sector. In addition, the acceptance of these solutions by patients and doctors requires a process. No one wants to take a health risk. It is also very important for companies to continue to live in the long time it takes for the product to reach the market and take hold.

Our country is quite advanced in terms of digital technologies, new initiatives come out every year and they are interesting and innovative like their foreign counterparts. In terms of initiatives, the ecosystem in Turkey is also rapidly restructuring. New sources are emerging to fund startups. The contribution of the state in this regard is very important. TÜBİTAK transfers huge resources to R&D projects.

What are your thoughts on digital awareness?

Digital awareness is an important concept, it is a priority for us to be an initiative that takes the right steps at the right time, keeping human health above all else. For this reason, we have not started the Marketing/Sales activities before the end of our clinical research. We will take important steps in this regard next year.

As an entrepreneur, we know that you follow the developments in your sector closely. What do you think is the current situation in our country?

I think that digital and mobile initiatives emerging in the health sector will be successful. This is a private sector that will reach a very important point in the future. The patient-doctor relationship and process will be restructured.

Our source of motivation is to be able to heal children who have just started school, whose self-confidence has declined due to the diagnosis of learning disability, and who face many difficulties in school and life, in the comfort of their homes, with a software that has no side effects and that their families can trust, and to see that their success at school increases when we increase their conscious awareness. great and beautiful motivation.

As the reading speed of the children participating in our clinical research increased, we shared the joy they experienced, and we felt the determination to continue this work with their hugs and thanks.

What is success for you? What do you need to be able to say you have succeeded?

For me, success is being able to apply the knowledge taught in school and family life, to make a difference in someone’s life, to open a way. In this sense, it is a success for me to have reached a solution that can be applied at home, based on the articles and clinical applications that explain that neurofeedback is beneficial for dyslexia.

Ensuring that the product we have created can be used by the masses by optimizing the product and cost is another success story, I hope we can achieve this in the coming years.

What are your suggestions to new entrepreneurs?

The product and solution must emerge from a user’s need. Without this need and market, the chances of surviving startups are more difficult.

Where can our readers find your product?

They can be accessed from . Thank you for valuing us and our product and for showing the courtesy to publish our interview on a portal of doctors.

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