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Dyslexia Holistic brain development approach for learning disabilities

A holistic brain development approach is the most important solution to overcome learning difficulties.

GAPS diet

First, the nutritional and digestive health program should aim to reduce toxins and help restore neurotransmitter balance. The goal is to put brain chemistry in a position where learning and change are easier. The GAPS diet can help at this stage. The first thing to do to strengthen the immune system is to balance the missing fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) in the body and to develop probiotics. In order to determine the necessary and appropriate diets for your child, Assoc. Dr. You can visit Barış Ekici. Following these diets will increase brain power. However, healthy diets may not solve all problems, and natural recovery is a gradual process.

Sensory integration

Secondly, sensory integration should be performed in order to gain basic sensory skills that may be lacking in early brain development. AutoTrainBrain helps deep-seated brain communication patterns become more flexible, and its working principle increases emotional stability and processing speed, and improves communication between relevant parts of the brain. Our solution combines Neurofeedback (presenting one’s own brain signals to oneself) with a multi-sensory learning experience on a mobile phone. Neurofeedback is a statistically proven method with hundreds of articles in the literature, which is known to be beneficial for 8 out of 10 people. Again, Assoc. Dr. You can consult Barış Ekici. During our clinical research process, he personally followed the effects of our product on many children.

Our Auto Train Brain app allows reading of EEG signals from 14 channels

– Provides neurofeedback that will improve learning disabilities

– Increases left hemisphere dominance and eliminates disconnection syndrome

-Improves phonetic awareness, improves spelling, reading speed and reading comprehension

– It teaches the alphabet with multi-sensory learning principles to children aged 7-10 with learning difficulties.

– Positive results in dyslexia education have been proven by extensive R&D and clinical studies

– No side effects

Cognitive special trainings

Neurofeedback strengthens synapse connections between neurons. When children with dyslexia go to school and receive cognitive and academic education simultaneously with neurofeedback, they minimize academic differences with their peers over time. Nevertheless, it may be beneficial to receive training on increasing word awareness, socialization and memory improvement simultaneously with neurofeedback.

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