Auto Train Brain Solution

Dyslexia How Auto Train Brain Works?

Our EEG (method that allows measuring and recording the electrical activity of the brain), the main product of Auto Train Brain, and our patented software connected to it are specially designed for children with dyslexia. Its main aim is to provide home-based therapy that reliably improves the reading skills of people with dyslexia. To better understand how the headgear works, you can use the diagram below that shows the main areas of the brain and their functions. You can find the EEG-based neurofeedback protocol that provides numerical results in Auto Train Brain below:

• If it is above the normal level, reduce theta waves in Broca’s area of the brain (responsible for speech);

• If above normal, reduce theta waves in the Wernicke area of the brain (responsible for language comprehension);

• Find channels with maximum frequency power bands of theta waves in the left hemisphere and reduce theta; and

• Find channels with maximum frequency power bands of theta waves in the right hemisphere and decrease theta.Theta waves mentioned here are one of the five waves that the brain keeps active. Depending on what we’re doing at the time, some brain waves will be more active in some areas of the brain, others less active in other areas, but none of them will be “off” on their own. Theta waves are between 3.5 and 8 Hz and are mostly related to imagination, thinking and sleep. For example, when we finish a task or task that takes a lot of energy, when we relax and let our imaginations fly, Theta waves take over our brains.

  • High theta waves may be associated with a depressive disorder or attention deficit.
  • Low corresponds to anxiety, stress, and low emotional self-awareness.

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