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Auto Train Brain is the unique tool in the world that lowers the slow waves in your brain from 14 channels, while your eyes are open and at rest. Personalized activity tracking, rewarding the slow waves drop, creates an effective cognitive training

1. Install AutoTrainBrain and EMOTIV app on your mobile device.

Download Auto Train Brain app for Android phones from Google Play Store, for iOS apps from AppStore to your mobile phone. Also, download the EMOTIVapp to calibrate the coil.

2. Turn on your phone's location and wi-fi and bluetooth services.

By turning on the GPRS or wi-fi features, you enable your phone to receive data data. By turning on the bluetooth, the connection with the headset is provided.

3. Wet the EMOTIV EPOC-x electrodes with swish water.

Pour saline (your salt water) over each of the earphone components in the hydrator package. Repeat this process before each use.

6. Enter the EMOTIV app and monitor that all electrodes are operational.

Green visualization of all electrodes is essential to keep neurofeedback quality optimal and to improve all areas of the brain. If the electrodes are yellow or red, wet them more with saline water.

5. Make sure the EMOTIV EPOC-x head is fully charged and turn it on.

Charge EMOTIV the night before to avoid any problems. If you are having problemsconnecting to the headset from your mobile phone, turn the EMOTIV headset off and on and wait for 30 seconds. The brainwear will automatically connect to your mobile phone.

4. Attach the electrodes to the headset.

Snap the earbuds individually over the sensors on the earbuds. Turn it to lock when fully seated.

7. Login to AutoTrainBrain with the username you created when purchasing.

If you have purchased one of our packages online, your user will be created at this stage. It is enough to log in with this user from your mobile phone. If you have a title, create a new user record and use the application. The first uses will be free, then you will be redirected to the payment page.

8. When you see the text 'connected', press the 'Start' button.

Once connected to the application, press the START icon and make sure your entropy values are dynamic. When you press the “Start” button, you can examinethe electrode-based report by pressing the button in the 2nd row from the right from the top right buttons. Seeing changing numbers on this page indicates that your brain signals have reached your mobile phone. At any time, remove this report from the screen by pressing the same button.

9. Start neurofeedback by pressing the ``Dream`` button.

With eyes open and resting, focus on scoring points, making the red arrow green. You will receive feedback to reduce the slow waves (Theta) in your brain. You are asked to draw slow waves to the level of brain signals of healthy individuals in the same age group as you. If you see a red arrow, you cannot drop slow waves, if you see a green arrow, you can shoot slow waves, and you earn points for this action.

12. Turn off the EMOTIV EPOC-x with the button, remove the electrodes and put them in the box.

When you finish the application, do not forget to put the electrodes in the box and charge the device.

11. Track your progress from web reports.

If you purchase the package, you can access your reports from the web reportssection of our website with your user name and password.

10. After about 20 minutes, turn off the neurofeedback by pressing the ``Stop`` button.

Apply at least 3 days a week, or at most 2times each day of the week, at the same times (preferably when you wake up in the morning and before 18:00 in the afternoon) for a minimum of 10 minutes, a maximum of 30 minutes. Give neurofeedback to your left brain for 10 minutes and to your right brain for 10 minutes.

13. Finally, you should do Academic Training with Auto Train Brain Education application (alphabet training is suitable for 7-10 years old).

When you see an unexpected effect, call HMS Health Mobile Software Inc. Temporary headache may occur due to the pressure exerted on the head by the EMOTIV EPOC-x brainwear. In the first days, do the training in a smaller amount, gradually increasing the dosage.