Auto Train Brain Solution, Dyslexia Education

How should the ideal dyslexia education be?

t is very difficult for children with dyslexia to be noticed in early childhood. In the first year they start school, it is suspected when there is a problem in reading and writing, they are not diagnosed in the first 2 years, they are followed up, and they can be diagnosed at the end of the 2nd year. After the diagnosis, children enter a process that takes 3.5 years and requires 550 additional support education.

Ideally, before the age of 7, a 2-minute EEG measurement should be used to predict whether there will be dyslexia, if there is any doubt, they should be referred to a psychiatrist, and after the definitive diagnosis, they should continue their education at home with Auto Train Brain every day for 6 months so that they can catch up with their peers quickly.

Thus, the need for support special education can be reduced by ensuring that the child’s brain catches up with its peers. Auto Train Brain applied with special training increases the success rate much more.

The areas that special education contributes to are increasing socialization, improving vocabulary and memory.

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