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Dyslexia On the theory of social change…

The United Nations’ and Turkey’s development plans for the next 20 years include eliminating poverty, ensuring equality in education, and increasing diversity in the workplace. Countries put forward programs, projects and expenditure budgets in this regard. Various scientific research institutions, including TÜBİTAK, financially support projects that will help countries’ development plans. Auto Train Brain is one of these projects. A project supported by grant funds from Europe and the Republic of Turkey and supported by TUBITAK as it is compatible with Turkey’s development plans.

It is accepted that the obstacle created by dyslexia in human life is at a minimum level when compared to other cognitive problems; even dyslexia has been excluded from medical care and is only supported at the special education level. The time required for special education, 750 hours, is much less than for other disability groups. However, special education still spans 3.5 years, and it is equally difficult to say that this special education can completely eliminate the problems in one’s life.

What kind of problems do dyslexics experience throughout their lives? First of all, they are more disadvantaged in literacy and academic life than their peers. This situation turns into a situation that lowers their self-confidence over time. Because a child’s life is mostly spent in school. The problems at school reflect on the internal dynamics of the family over time, and the child cannot find the peace he seeks in the family.

In the medium term, the self-confidence problem that occurs secondary to dyslexia begins to reflect negatively in many areas from job interviews to choosing a spouse over time. Having knowledge on many subjects and not being able to specialize in any subject causes dyslexia to not find the place they deserve in today’s business world. Not being able to perceive the commands spoken to him even though he hears it, and not being able to react appropriately, brings problems in adapting to the hierarchy required by business life, incompatibility in friendships and other social relations. The reflection of incompatibility in the medium and long term can go up to being the first to be fired from the workplace, being dumped by his girlfriend, or divorce. Correct functioning of sensory integration and executive functions is as important as perfect reading and writing in human life.

States take care to be with families in this regard with the programs and projects they implement. However, the fact that this situation, which is seen around 10% in the society, can be completely eliminated is far above the service capacity that states and state hospitals are trying to provide. This service is tried to be provided through special education and rehabilitation centers. Since the services here also involve manual work processes, the costs are too high and the medical expertise is too low.

However, dyslexia also has differences among themselves. For some dyslexia, the development of auditory perception is necessary, for some dyslexia, visual perception needs to be developed, for some, visual and auditory senses need to be integrated. While some are strong in terms of visual and executive functions, some may also have problems with executive functions. While some of them do not have metabolism problems, some of them have metabolism problems and inflammation and get sick frequently. There may be dyslexics with allergic conditions, as well as those who do not have an allergic reaction. Since it is excluded from the scope of medical need, their health status is usually evaluated separately from their cognitive performance when necessary.

Families want their children to have a better academic, business and married life in the future. However, they cannot correctly evaluate the different situations that reflect on the child’s life at different times and take the necessary actions correctly.

Auto Train Brain was developed because it is compatible with the development plans of the countries, it is focused on creating a social change and impact in the society. The fact that a resource has been transferred to the disadvantaged segments of the society from other segments of the society, that a project has been carried out for them, that the society does not remain a spectator to the situation they are in, increases the self-esteem and love of the person. We all want to be cared for, to be cared about and to be understood. Sometimes this understanding can gain an objective dimension by measuring the situation we are in. When the nature of the problem is better understood and its scope is determined, applying specific solutions to the problem ensures that the problem is eliminated in a shorter time. This leads to an increase in self-confidence, the feeling that the problem can be solved, and the feeling of being supported. Objective decision support system in objective measurement and rehabilitation provided by Auto Train Brain; It allows us to choose the best personalized combination of solutions used for dyslexia (neurofeedback protocols, special education, multi-sensory learning, sensory integration and diet, etc.).

In addition to increasing the reading skills of the dyslexic child, increasing his self-confidence, quickly compensating for his cognitive deficiencies, brings him to the school life quickly.

The benefits of personalized dyslexia education can be shortening the rehabilitation process and its cost, increasing the peace in the family, less health problems, reducing the expenditures of the state and the family, and increasing the quality of life of the child. In this context, we can say that Auto Train Brain realizes the theory of change and creates a high social impact and change in society.

Dr. Gunet Eroglu

CEO, Auto Train Brain

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