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Our new multidisciplinary platform in dyslexia training

What causes dyslexia?

Brain conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism are genetically originated and occur due to the influence of some very complex mechanisms in the body’s metabolism.

The affected mechanisms in the body may be the immune system, digestive system, parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, endocrine system, brain and nerves. Any one of them may be affected, or many systems may be affected at the same time. Diets are very important for all these systems to turn into a healing path. By limiting some of the nutrients entering the body and increasing some, the body can be put into a state of strengthening and development. On the other hand, it may not be possible to accelerate cognitive development completely with diets alone. There are many options for diets on the market, everyone recommends their own diet. The menus prepared by a mother who has been through these situations and has been on a diet for her child for many years will guide you.

What are the different options in dyslexia education?

With neurofeedback, synapse connections in the brain can also quickly switch to a state of development. Both diets and the establishment of synapse connections improve cognitive performance. In dyslexia education, besides developing the child’s synapse connections, it is also important to determine which cognitive training the child needs. With artificial intelligence algorithms, it can be understood whether the child has dyslexia from the EEG data collected from 14 channels, and a feedback can be provided about which special education method is suitable for this child. Suggesting special education methods suitable for dyslexic children by algorithms supported by artificial intelligence can shorten the time spent on total education and enable the child to adapt to academic life quickly.

It is important that the treatment approaches recommended for specific learning disabilities are given simultaneously with many different methods in a multidisciplinary manner in order to treat the child quickly. In order to get a response from the diets, they should be followed strictly for at least 6 months. It may take at least 6 months to 1 year to receive feedback from special education and rehabilitation. Neurofeedback provides a much faster solution than these other two methods.

The return of the instrumental gymnastics training given with Auto Train Brain, which is based on neurofeedback and multi-sensory learning, starts in 1-2 months, and it is completed in 3-6 months for the child to catch up with his peers for mild and moderate situations. For medium and severe cases, it will be in use for approximately 12 months.

For a mother whose child is diagnosed with a special learning disability when she starts school, it may not always be easy to access all the information used for the treatment of dyslexia from the internet, to understand the methods, to choose the appropriate method or methods and apply them to her child. When families learn that their children primarily have learning difficulties, they experience intense guilt and bewilderment caused by not knowing what to do. It takes years to get over this state of mind. When they start to search for solutions available in the market, the abundance of options and not knowing who to trust put them inactive. On the other hand, even a day should not be spent for a 7-year-old child, and the child’s education should be started quickly.

A multidisciplinary perspective and a new platform in dyslexia education

There is not a second to be lost in dyslexia education. For all these reasons, all existing solutions on dyslexia education are examined and solutions that have proven to have no side effects are included in the platform, which a mother has prepared based on her own experience in solution suggestions over the years. Although we started this platform as a social responsibility project, we would like to develop it with the support and comments of both knowledgeable experts in the sector and families.

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