Günet (Urfalıoğlu) Eroğlu, who grew up with a diagnosis of giftedness and started university at the age of 16, graduated from Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering and Mathematics double major and received a master's degree from Oxford University. Etibank, where the computer automation process was experienced, later worked as a data warehouse consultant at Software AG and NCR, the leading companies in the IT sector. Between 2001-2010, she worked in the establishment of CRM/DWH/MIS departments and forming teams in Turkey's leading banks. She received her ITU Exec MBA Marketing master's degree in 2001 with a bank scholarship. She undertook various projects in the fields of data warehouse establishment in banks, creation of MIS reports, production of profitability algorithm, campaign management and sales force automation. She was responsible for the change management and determination of strategies of banks, development and implementation of CRM projects. Eroğlu finally asked, “What can I do for special children?” she thought and with the support of his profession, she created Auto Train Brain, a neuro feedback software. By following the features of brain waves, Auto Train Brain reduces the symptoms of dyslexia and attention deficit, and increases brain performance in 60 or more uses. The clinical research of this TÜBİTAK-supported project was completed at Ankara University in 2019.

 Co-Founder & CEO's note:

Hello, I'm Dr. Günet Eroğlu, after graduating from Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Department, I went to Oxford University to complete my master's degree. I returned to Istanbul and got married and my child was allergic. We moved to Beykoz, which has plenty of greenery, for my son, with the advice of doctors. When he started gifted school, he was said to have dyslexia. For years, I brought my child to educational institutions and private trainers, but we never reached the desired point. As a dyslexia mother and a computer engineer, I decided to move neurofeedback training to digital and design a product that is easier to use and less costly. For this, I did my doctorate at Sabancı University at a late age for the Auto Train Brain project. Then, I completed the Auto Train Brain clinical studies for 1 year by testing on thousands of people and I proved that the Auto Train Brain product has no side effects or harms, and that the benefits of the product are reflected in life if there is no other condition accompanying dyslexia (dyscalculia / dysgraphia / epilepsy). I tried the product first on myself, then on my son and within 6 months I observed an incredible improvement; His reading speed, reading comprehension and attention improved by twice, along with my son's motivation at school and his general self-confidence. Afterwards, I tried to reach everyone who might need the Auto Train Brain product, and the feedback from the families who used our product made me very happy. Although people could not believe at first that a very costly and troublesome process, given by private trainers in institutions for years, could not be believed at first, the point reached with the use of Auto Train Brain for 3 to 6 months fascinated other families as well. (End of the story) In November 2021, when we went to the doctor/psychologist for a checkup with my 17-year-old son, the doctor said that my son had no symptoms of dyslexia, and the world was mine; I once again proved the effectiveness of my Auto Train Brain product, which I developed on my own! As a mother, primarily to my own son; Then I am very proud to be able to benefit every child who needs the Auto Train Brain application.

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