Executive Management

Dr. Günet Eroğlu (Co-Founder - Product and Software Developer) 


 In her business life, she has 34 years of work experience in the field of finance and IT technologies and has worked on many software projects as a software development specialist, project manager, consultant, and senior manager for many years. She worked in the most elite banks and IT companies in Turkey.

 Günet Eroğlu first took care of her son for a period, after her son started primary school in the gifted class and it was understood that he had dyslexia, and supported him by taking special education and private lessons to increase his reading and writing speed. Later, she met with neurofeedback and realized that he needed to develop a solution to the deficiency and gap he saw in the market for dyslexia and alleviate families' problems.

 She successfully completed her doctoral studies, which she started in 2015 to develop a product that accelerates and automates the education processes of children with dyslexia, by developing Auto Train Brain and completing clinical studies in 2020.

She works with great dedication and full-time for the Auto Train Brain initiative. And around this initiative, she had the opportunity to meet with many investors, businessmen, and business networks.

Jak Kohen Kasar

Jak Kohen Kasar (Co-Founder - Product and Business Developer, Sales and Marketing Manager)


 Jak Kohen Kasar graduated from Sabancı University Computer Engineering and completed his master's studies in Digital Business at Westminster University. He has been working with Günet Eroğlu for approximately 5-6 years. Jak Kohen Kasar is highly skilled in business development, sales and marketing, new product development and testing, growing startups, and expanding into new markets. Auto Train Brain creates strategic approaches in determining corporate and individual sales prices, revealing sales strategies, and opening up to foreign markets. 


Berk Nizam Yanık (Aegean Region- Sales Executive)

He has studied in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Ege University. They have received education about the production and development processes of pharmaceuticals, food, and agricultural products, and possess a laboratory certificate. They have completed an internship program at Genİlaç A.Ş., where they worked on developing drug production processes, process applications, and good manufacturing practices.

They are a graduate of Istanbul Bosphorus Foundation High School. In addition to their undergraduate education, they have participated in certificate programs on finance, economics, statistics, and asset management from events with global validity such as IBM and Yale University Online, and hold certificates in these fields.