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Auto Train Brain Explains

Why does our brain slow down or work faster?

  • Stress
  • Human relationships
  • Food
  • Air pollution
  • Challenging living conditions
  • Difficult pregnancies and childbirth, lack of breast milk
  • Genetics

1: The balance of neurotransmitters in the brain and the entire body is disrupted.

Neurotransmitters that facilitate transmission between neurons are produced more or less under stress. This makes it difficult to establish synaptic connections between neurons. There maybe fatty acids (Omega-3) deficiency which disrupts the neuronal connections.

2: DNA Methylation and cellular damage occur.

Genetically, deficiencies in vitamins D and B12 (VDR gene is mutated) can lead to methylation of DNA during cell division, resulting in some regions of DNA becoming silent and others becoming overactive. DNA methylation results in changes in the cell structure of some organs, a condition known as cancer.

3: Immune cells overreact.

T cells attack the body's own cells to eliminate cellular damage, creating inflammation. Inflammation in various parts of the body can lead to several outcomes.

  • Brain fog
  • Neuron death
  • Disruption or excessive growth of synaptic connections
  • Damage to the myelin sheath
  • The increase of toxins throughout the body, the impaired functioning of lymph nodes, and the excretory organs (lungs, intestines, liver, kidneys) not being able to perform their full functions.
  • Intestinal dysbiosis
  • Development of autoimmune diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Lupus, MS, and PCOS, dyslexia, autism, ADHD, epilepsy.

How can we reverse these outcomes?

If neurons have died as a result of brain inflammation, unfortunately, new ones do not replace them. However, the brain is open to learning during childhood especially between 0-3 years old. Synaptic connections can be significantly increased through life experiences.

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce the heightened immune response
  • Engage in relaxing exercises
  • Make lifestyle changes
  • Practice breathing and meditation exercises
  • Use neurofeedback  at home. One example is Auto Train Brain

How do we purchase the product?

  • Purchase the software from
  • Obtain a compatible EEG headset from the market (EMOTIV EPOCX).
  • Start using it at home and have a telephonic consultation with a neurology specialist on the 20th day.
  • The neurology specialist may request blood tests, sleep EEG, and CAS tests at the beginning and end of the training, and if they suspect epigenetic factors, they may request a DNA test.

How long should we use the product?

Depending on the individual's condition, it begins to show effects after the first month and is used for 3-6-9 months, with progress being monitored afterward.

Is there regression when we stop using the product?

If the individual does not have an autoimmune disease, there should be no regression after training. However, if the person has an allergic background and autoimmune problems, there may be regression upon cessation. In such cases, blood tests, DNA tests become more important along with personalized dietary changes, psychotherapy, and lifestyle adjustments.
Auto Train Brain  can be used for 1.5 years at most. The long term effects are durable for 5-8 years. It can be used weekly or monthly basis for relaxation purposes afterwards. It also helps reversing the aging.

Why should we use Auto Train Brain?

We alleviate dyslexia symptoms with a mobile app and headset with our novel neurofeedback methodology. If slow-wave patterns are detected in EEG signals within the age group, it indicates a shortage of neurotransmitters, or disrupted neuronal, synaptic, and myelin structures due to neuro inflammation. Training aimed at reducing slow brain waves enables the brain to repair itself over time through plasticity effects, leading to smoother functioning.

Highest-impact training (0.88 effectiveness level) (Eroglu et al.,2021).

Clinically approved for children.

Detects and resolves inflammation at the signal level in the brain before the disease manifests.

When the central nervous system improves, the entire body benefits.

Delays aging.

  • Personalized Approach:

    Dyslexia can manifest with different symptoms in each individual. Therefore, our application offers personalized training tailored to individual needs.

  • Data Security and Privacy

    Collecting and storing sensitive data like EEG signals requires special measures for data security and privacy. We have taken these precautions

  • Scientific Basis

    Our solution is based on neurofeedback principles with a recognized place in literature. Research has been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the application, showing how it affects neuroplasticity and leads to symptom improvement.

  • EEG Signal Accuracy

    EEG signals are used to measure brain activity, but they must be accurately analyzed to avoid misleading results. We use the highest-quality headset available on the market, capable of 14-channel readings (EMOTIV EPOCX).

  • App Accessibility

    It's important for the application to be as accessible as possible to a wide user base, as dyslexia can vary from person to person.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy user interface, suitable for children to use at home reliably

Which package is suitable for us?

Dyslexia LIGHT
6 or 9
6 or 9
Dyslexia+ ADHD
Dyslexia LIGHT
Dyslexia LIGHT
Dyslexia+ ADHD+ Epilepsy
Dyslexia LIGHT
Dyslexia LIGHT
6 or 9

What are the contents of the packages?

Disleksi Light
Dyslexia Epigen
ADHD Light
Wellness Light
6 or 9
6 or 9
6 or 9
6 or 9
Neurology Expert

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