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Everything started at Ankara University Medical Faculty clinical trial and the families gave their written testimonials afterward.


Auto Train Brain dyslexia disleksi testimonials

Many children benefited from using the training at home.

Disleksi dyslexia özgül öğrenme güçlüğü Auto Train Brain


At the rehabilitation centers, the training is being used vastly.

Disleksi dyslexia training Auto Train Brain

Our users sent many thank you messages to us.

Disleksi dyslexia training testimonials

Our users are very happy and sent their gratitudes to us through whatsapp messages.

Disleksi dyslexia özgül öğrenme güçlüğü Auto Train Brain


It is very easy to use the app at home reliably.

Child with dyslexia disleksi Auto Train Brain

Every child deserves this type of highly efficient training.

Dyslexia disleksi child with dyslexia

Children loves to use this training at home.

Child with dyslexia, Auto Train Brain disleksi nedir

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