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Dyslexia MEGA Domestic- Auto Train Brain Software Subscription 6 Months

Dyslexia MEGA Domestic- Auto Train Brain Software Subscription 6 Months

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 6-month package is a package for pure dyslexia without any comorbidities or drug usage.  At the end of the first month, the improvements starts to reflect to the real life.

Developed by experts in the field, the Auto Train Brain software app is an interactive, comprehensive, and non-invasive solution for individuals with dyslexia. It utilizes neurofeedback & multi-sensory learning to enhance their reading skills and brain maturation while reducing the disconnection syndrome and the damaging effects of inflammation. 

Based on artificial intelligence, the app is easy to use. People with dyslexia aged between four and 80 can easily utilize the mobile app and overcome their learning difficulties without leaving the comfort of their homes and without lowering their self-confidence. The activities in the app are also personalized and adapted to the user’s specific needs. With continued use, the Auto Train Brain app can help unleash the many potentials of dyslexic people.

This particular product is a six-month subscription package to Auto Train Brain. We recommend using the app for 30 minutes each day, followed by a ten-minute reading activity. At the end of the first month, cognitive improvements will likely start to reflect in real life. 

 Quick product features:

  • 1 Online consultation with a neurologist, additional consultations at an extra cost.
  • 1 Sleep EEG recording (Additional costs for travel outside the Marmara region and Ankara will be added).
  • 2 CAS tests (The first one before starting treatment, the second one 6 months later). For those who do not wish to take the CAS test, there are 2 additional doctor appointments or 3 psychologist appointments.
  • Personalized blood tests in 18 different areas.
  • 6-month subscription for the Auto Train Brain software application designed for dyslexia.
  • Specialized educational app.
  • 1 meeting with a nutritionist.
  • Includes 6 activity measurement evaluations with a psychologist.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
"Auto Train Brain" after surgery

My son had a surgery and brain battery were placed. After the surgery, the learning difficulties started. We have used Auto Train Brain and his behavior and learning difficulties are reduced.

Epilepsy and dyslexia

We have used Auto Train Brain for our son who has dyslexia and epilepsy and was using a drug for epilepsy. Dr. Barış Ekici suggested us to use this product and we have used it under his provision. Our son's reading abilities and academic life were improved and the drug usage is reduced.

My second son's dyslexia

As a family, we were going through very bad moments. My son had dyslexia and it was very hard to find rehabilitation in where we live. Thank to Auto Train Brain, my son's reading abilities are increased a lot.

My son has improved a lot

My son has dyslexia and he wasn't good at reading. We have used this program together with Dr. Selma Şarda consultancy. He has improved a lot in reading comprehension and reading speed.

M. Baphista
Greetings from Angola

My daughter has dyslexia. Dr. Canan Kocaman suggested to use this product. We have bought it without any hesitation. After 1 month, changes have started and now she is happy and learning after 2-month therapy. Thank Gunet a lot.