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Dyslexia Suggestions for Transition to Online Learning

In these difficult times we live in, one of the most important elements that we have to give up on our daily lives has been face-to-face education. This process can be quite challenging for children with dyslexia and learning difficulties. Below you can see a few suggestions to make this process easier.

It may be a good idea to limit the use of electronic devices until your children have finished their homework. Some students may need an adult to control them.

The work environment can also be a major distraction. Having his favorite toys in front of him can make it difficult for the child to focus. Consider setting up a quiet, clutter-free workspace that is comfortable for your child.

Pause the screens

Higher screen time is associated with various health problems such as obesity and depression. Small amounts of daily screen use are not harmful and may have some benefits.

It may be difficult for some children to sit through the entire lesson, so they may need more frequent breaks than other children. It may be a good idea to set aside time for exercise before your child is expected to focus on learning. Repeated physical activity throughout the school day can increase children’s attention.

Creating a routine schedule

Creating a schedule that balances exercise, play, and homework throughout the day can set your child’s expectations for the day and enable them to complete their tasks more comfortably.

You can implement a more normal school process at home, clearing confusion about what to do during the day.

give positive feedback

Many children miss getting support and reassurance from teachers and counselors. Creating a reward system can help maintain motivation. After children complete a task or finish a lesson, consider praising them. Putting a checkmark like a sticker or star on an assignment can go a long way in encouraging your child. Other options that might work for younger children are good ideas to offer a sweet snack or play with their favorite toy. For high school students, watching a movie or getting some extra tablet time can be a good reward.

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