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For IOS and Android mobile phones, you need to download the EMOTIV APP (in black). You can download EMOTIV APP from Google Play Store and Apple Store/Test Flight. After downloading the application, you need to get a username and password from and enter the EMOTIV APP using this username. When you first open the Auto Train Brain application (with the ATB username and password defined for you), you must approve the connection from the EMOTIV APP. Then, you need to restart Auto Train Brain, click the “query title” button, see the title in the list, click on it to bring its status to connected, press the “prepare for activity” button and press the “start” arrow key. Once started, simply click on the appropriate NF protocol.

What is Auto Train Brain?

Installation - INSIGHT 2.0

Installation - EPOC-X

Usage - INSIGHT 2.0

Usage - EPOC-X

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