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What to do about dyslexia education

How can dyslexia education be improved?

One of the most important conditions affecting the development of the child is dyslexia. Before the age of 7, children’s attention should be enough to concentrate on a game for at least 10-15 minutes. Children with learning disabilities have difficulty concentrating as well as reading and writing. In fact, although these children’s intelligence is normal or above normal, they have learning disabilities. They learn later or in different ways than their peers. Dyslexia symptoms include difficulty in learning letters, reading and writing, difficulty in ordering days, months and seasons, difficulty in performing mathematical operations, and difficulty in organizational skills.

There is no definitive solution in terms of dyslexia treatment. In the early 1970s, dyslexia was excluded from medical treatment. Dyslexia is treated with education and neurofeedback.

Special education is the most important and effective treatment method for learning disabilities. Children with learning difficulties may not reach the goals and achievements set at the same time and at the same level as their peers. For this reason, children with learning difficulties need supportive education outside of school education. Since this support education given outside the school is different from the education given at school and there is no special school only for children with learning difficulties in our country, these children should continue their education in a regular school while receiving support education from outside.

What perceptions should dyslexia education aim to develop?

What is important in the education of children with dyslexia is the development of perceptions such as auditory, tactile and visual, increasing attention span, strengthening memory and improving motor skills. For this reason, the support training program includes the training methods and activities necessary for the acquisition or development of these skills. At the same time, the support training program includes supporting the development of reading, writing, listening, speaking skills and thinking processes. Auto Train Brain increases the effectiveness of special training programs by strengthening the synapse connections between neurons. The special education needs of children who receive Auto Train Brain training can be reduced from 2 years to 6 months.

Children with specific learning difficulties also experience self-confidence problems. While the education of dyslexic children is supported by an external support education program, the negative effects of dyslexia on emotional and social development areas should be followed up with psychological help under the control of a specialist. In addition, family support and attention are of great importance during learning disability education.

One product that makes home dyslexia training possible is Auto Train Brain.

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