Auto Train Brain Solution, Effective at clinical level

Dyslexia Why should we use Auto Train Brain?

The most important problem in dyslexia is the lack of left hemisphere dominance and insufficient synapse connections between neurons in the gray part of the brain. The reflection of this situation on life is that primarily the reading practice is not developed enough because the auditory and visual stimulus processing speeds are different. The part of the brain that is not sufficiently developed in dyslexia is the left back.

Special education focuses on increasing word awareness and spelling. With special education rehabilitation, the left anterior part of the brain is developing. According to our measurements, the development of the left hindbrain does not occur by this method. In addition, it was observed that there was a regression over time instead of improvement in reading comprehension. Although the vocabulary and socialization of children receiving special education have increased, problems in reading and understanding what they read continue.

With Auto Train Brain training, children with dyslexia in the 7-10 age group develop the most in the left posterior part of the brain and catch up with their peers, left hemisphere dominance is established, visual and auditory processing speed differences decrease, therefore reading speed increases and reading comprehension improves, and their perceptions are broadened in general has been followed. In the 7-10 age group, the anterior frontal lobes are not yet developed. By the age of 24, these regions are expected to develop. For this reason, Auto Train Brain training develops the frontal lobes to the level of their peers in the 7-10 age group.

It has been observed that with Auto Train Brain training, phonetic awareness and spelling have improved to the level developed by special education. Reading studies, other academic studies and socialization studies after the education reinforce the permanence of this education. In addition, with this education, the symptoms of anxiety and depression that develop over time, due to the inability of children with dyslexia to perceive the world completely, are permanently reduced.

Auto Train Brain enables permanent education in the home where the child is most comfortable, with rental or purchase options, at an affordable monthly cost, does not cause any side effects, and is a clinically approved, reliable solution for families.

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