Auto Train Brain Solution

Why use brain computer interfaces in dyslexia?

In dyslexia, the number of neurons in the brain is slightly less and the cortex is thinner than their peers. The human brain is such an amazing thing that when you give too much external stimulus, it responds by establishing synapse connections between neurons.

In the modern world, families of children with dyslexia take them to various sports activities, special education, drama classes and want to increase their brain development. Children leaving their schools attend additional classes, and weekends are always full.

After a while, children get bored with this active life, and mothers turn into helicopter mothers. A slow-moving time where the child plays with his dolls and cars in his room and dreams calmly is not possible nowadays.

Brain-computer interfaces make synapse connections between neurons faster by giving feedback at least 60 times in 1 minute while you are sitting. The effect level of Auto Train Brain training, which is done for half an hour every day, is equal to the sum of the neurofeedback session at the psychiatrist 3 days a week and the 45-minute special training session on the weekend. The book reading exercise or special training done on top of the 30-minute Auto Train Brain session at home every day brings the effect level to the top.

The interface of Auto Train Brain is very simple. The user is trying to turn a red arrow into a green arrow. This interface is a very effective interface for anyone between the ages of 4 and 80, who can read or not. It is much more interesting that with the movement of a single arrow, we draw different parts of the brain to the norm values with therapy. Some of our users find our interface disappointing. Special education tools are not designed for normal people. Since a child with dyslexia is illiterate, there must be an interface suitable for him.

Our alphabet application may seem too simple to some people, but a 7-year-old dyslexic child needs visual and auditory feedback to match the sound of letters with their shapes, and showing the same things over and over again 50 -100 -500 times. Multi-sensory learning is at least as effective and scientific as neurofeedback.

Another important issue is that our interface contains simple commands and shapes and is protected with norm data, ensuring that it does not pose a problem such as triggering epilepsy.

The head we use is a product that has been on the market for at least 10 years, has been used in more than 3000 studies, and has been on sale all over the world for many years.

For these reasons, trust our software and the title we use, and our interface. Your child is no different from our own child. We use the same care and the same scientific methods.

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