Specially designed for dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety and depression

Mobile Application of Dyslexia Training at Home!

EEG-based, AI-powered, reliable neurofeedback training that improves reading speed, comprehension, attention, memory and other cognitive skills.
Auto Train Brain is a Pioneer in mobile dyslexia training and brain enhancing.
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Designed by a mother of a dyslexic child

"I wanted to create an economical package program for learning difficulties that is both scientific and user friendly."

Dr.Günet Eroğlu

Training packages designed to significantly improve;

Reading Speed, Comprehension, Attention, Anxiety, and Depression

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What is Auto Train Brain?

Frequently Asked Questions

In what other areas is this type of brainwear used?
Our brainwear, which measures EEG signals from 14 channels, is used in more than 3000 R&D projects apart from ATB.
Do you send any waves to the brain with this brainwear?
No, we only use the brainwear to measure brain signals (to detect those areas of the brain where slow waves are dominant for targeted training).
From which channel is the neurofeedback activity applied?
We apply it through the ATB application that you access with your phone / tablet.
Does this product have a warranty?
It has 6 months warranty for the Brainware and 1 year warranty for software.
Do you provide support for installation and usage stages?
Of course! We have a 24/7 support line available.
How long does its effect last?
Our product has a lasting effect. After raising the brain signals to the required level, there will be no further decrease.
Can all age groups use this product?
Everyone from the age of 4 to 80 can use our product. The reason why we conducted our clinical study between ages of 7-10 is to be able to provide this training at the beginning of school age so that various psychological problems (such as a small child losing self-confidence by falling behind his/her friends) are avoided.
How many times a week should we practice this training?
One session of half an hour each day will be sufficient. You can do one session three days a week at the least; two sessions every day at the most (half an hour in the morning and another half an hour in the afternoon).
How long will this training take?
It varies depending on the user’s condition. At low levels of dyslexia, 3 months of use is sufficient, while at high levels, 6 months of use is required. 1 year of use is required for autism.
Is it the same application for everyone or does it vary from person to person?
The interface everyone sees is the same, however what we provide is personalized training based on different protocols as data from different age groups vary.
In which areas has it been most effective?
Up to 2 times increase in reading speed, reading comprehension and attention is observed. It also has a positive effect on areas such as speech, spelling, hearing and memory.
Does your product have any side effects?
No, our product does not have any side effects or harm. For this reason, some families, who see the benefit in 3 months, extend their subscriptions thinking “maybe it will be more beneficial”.
Is your method approved by the Ministry of Health?
Our clinical studies for dyslexia were completed at Ankara University in 2019. Also our clinical studies for autism were completed as of June 2021.
How long does it take to deliver after the brainwear is ordered?
It arrives between 20-25 days.
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