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Due to genetic disposition of fatty acid deficiency, oxidative stress, GMOs and pesticides, auto immune diseases increase. Modern societies are at the risk of losing/ not developing some of their learning skills although IQ is measured normal or above normal. Learning disabilities (ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia) at childhood and Alzheimer disease at adulthood are examples of these.

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Our Solution

To strengthen the immune system, first thing to do is a specific healthy diet, which aims to replace the fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6)  , enhance probiotics. Please consult your doctor for a diet which is suitable to your needs first. This will enhance the brain power. But healthy diets may not solve all of the problems and natural healing is a gradual process.

Our solution combines Biofeedback  ( presenting one’s own brain signals to himself/herself ) with Multi Sensory Learning experience on Android Mobile Phone.

Auto Train Brain product functionalities:

  • application works with eMotiv EPOC+ 14 channel electrode system
  • communicates with eMotiv through Bluetooth (BLE)
  • logs all brain signals on the mobile phone
  • gives biofeedback which will improve learning skills
  • teaches alphabet to 7-9 year old children whose learning skills are not well
  • provide feedback on progress, wellness, workout
  • monthly installment options for payment
  • no side or adversary effects
  • positive results are proven by extensive Research and development
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  • For 7-9 year old children who have specific learning disabilities, our application is free for 20 sessions (We have limited capacity- 30 people). We will give eMotiv EPOC+ headset as well.
  • For everybody, free brain power measurement ( for a limited time frame) upon reservations.  Measurement centers:
    • Impact Hub, Sanayi Mahallesi, Levent ISTANBUL,TURKEY
    • Sabancı University, Tuzla ISTANBUL TURKEY
    • Erciyes Teknopark, Melikgazi KAYSERİ TURKEY
  • Please make your reservations today by leaving your e-mail and your purpose.
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About Us

Auto Train Brain is a registered trademark of HMS Health Mobile Software Sağlık Mobil Yazılım A.Ş.

The project is

  • finalist at “Geleceğin Patronları” in 2015.
  • partner with INOVENT A.Ş since 2016.
  • funded by  TUBITAK  in 2017.
  • funded by European Union and Turkish Republic in 2017.
  • funded by KOSGEB in 2018.



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