Our solution includes dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD, attention deficit, atypical autism, epilepsy, MR, and Alzheimer's.

Efficacy is clinically proven for people with dyslexia and atypical autism.
Personalized training.
Self-service and easy to use at home.

Highest efficacy (0.88) in the literature.

It is your responsibility to the future that these situations are handled with the best solution in the world in childhood when the child's brain plasticity is high.

We provide online installation help for the software through Zoom or WhatsApp meetings upon purchase and a free consultation session for the first month.

The first online zoom meeting with Neurology Expert is included.

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Auto Train Brain Software for dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects reading and writing abilities.
People with dyslexia have difficulty with word recognition, decoding, and
spelling. It is estimated that up to 15-20% of the population has dyslexia.

AutoTrainBrain is an innovative dyslexia reading program that provides customized, interactive, and user-friendly resources for individuals with dyslexia. Our program is designed to help people of all ages and skill levels improve their reading, writing, and spelling abilities. By using our program, individuals with dyslexia can gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed in their education and career. Our program includes features such as customized reading plans, interactive reading activities, progress tracking and reporting, and personalized support and guidance. Our program is based on research-based instruction, and our experienced team is dedicated to helping individuals with dyslexia achieve their full potential. With AutoTrainBrain, individuals with dyslexia can improve their reading fluency, comprehension, and spelling abilities. Try AutoTrainBrain today and experience the benefits of our dyslexia reading program.

We enhance access to healthcare by providing sustainable remote patient monitoring.
Our services enable improved access to healthcare in underserved areas.
We offer personalized treatments based on individual genetic and lifestyle factors.
We ensure secure data sharing.
We address health disparities related to socioeconomic factors.

How to use?

Clinically Proven Features

Use anywhere

No side effects

Friendly user interface

Successful results in as early as 3 months

Reduces disconnection syndrome

Improves brain maturation

Decreases the effects of neuroinflammation

Improves the left lateralization of brain

Effect size is the highest in the literature (>0.88)

Affordable monthly fee

Decreases the effects of stress

  • İstanbul

    “Thank you for this invaluable program.
    My son’s reading speed and attention is
    improved. He became the second in his
    class after 6 month usage.”

  • Norway

    “We have used Auto Train Brain for more than 500 times. Our son’s self-esteem, communication and socialization abilities are enhanced. A great achievement. Thank
    you Auto Train Brain.”

  • Diyarbakır

    “We had the headset from another user. My son is much better in reading comprehension
    and reading speed. It is like a miracle.”

  • Ankara

    “My son is very intelligent but slow in learning. He has improved a lot. The app really works. You are a reward for the families like us. Thank you."

  • Angola

    “Our daughter’s dyslexia symptoms were reduced, she is happier and can read much
    better now.”

  • UAE

    “Our son’s atypical autism was improved within months and socialization is now much better.”

  • Germany

    We are Turkish families living in Germany near Switzerland. We are very proud of Dr. Günet Eroğlu to invent this to overcome learning disabilities. We have used the product and our son's reading speed is increased.

  • Azarbaijan

    I am a medical doctor and used Auto Train Brain for my daughter with the advice of Dr. Barış Ekici. Her reading and behaviours are improved a lot.

  • İstanbul

    We were classmates with Dr. Günet Eroğlu at the University, and by coincidence our children have learning disabilities. I have used Auto Train Brain for my son and he became the first in his school in 2 months. He was gifted but bad at reading beforehand.

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