Our solution includes dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD, attention deficit, atypical autism, epilepsy, MR, and Alzheimer's.

Imagine that when we are exposed to stress, the balance of
neurotransmitters can be disrupted, and this can increase the body's immune
response. This increased immune activity can lead to neuroinflammation.
Neuroinflammation is defined as an increased immune response in the brain and
is often exacerbated by stress. This increased immune activity can disrupt
neurons, synaptic connections, and the myelin sheath, all of which are crucial
components for optimal brain function. Neuroinflammation, whether acute or
chronic, can significantly impair brain performance. However, hope lies in the
extraordinary healing capabilities and plasticity that can be achieved through
targeted cognitive exercises for the brain.

Clinical evidence strongly supports the effectiveness of our
approach, especially for individuals struggling with dyslexia, ADHD, and
atypical autism. Our program is designed for use at home and offers
personalized, user-friendly training to make it accessible to those in need.
Remarkably, our solution boasts the highest efficacy rate documented in the
literature, with an impressive value of 0.88.

Harnessing the peak of brain flexibility to overcome these
challenges during childhood is our collective responsibility. Early
intervention holds the promise of the best expectations for the future.

Upon purchasing a software package tailored to your condition
from our website, you will acquire an EEG headset compatible with our software
from the market. After purchase, we provide support for the online installation
of our software via Zoom or WhatsApp meetings. After approximately 20 days of
home use and the accumulation of EEG data during this period, you will have a
free consultation Zoom session with our neurology specialist. If the neurology
specialist deems it necessary, she may request blood tests, EEG tests, or DNA
tests. These tests support the management of chronic conditions, promote
continuous brain development, and allow us to tailor the program to individual

Today, let's unlock your or your child's full potential with our
comprehensive packages. For more information click

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How to use?

Clinically Proven Features

No side effects

Reduces disconnection syndrome

Improves brain maturation

Decreases the effects of neuroinflammation

Improves the left lateralization of brain

Effect size is the highest in the literature (>0.88)

  • Ankara - Dyslexia

    "Our son is 8 years old and has specific learning difficulties;
    he was struggling with reading and writing. His school grades were poor, and he
    had low self-confidence, feeling worthless. However, he excelled in sports and
    art. We tried special education, but we saw limited benefits. His reading
    skills didn't improve as much as we hoped, and he would quickly forget what he
    learned. We did not use medication. We used the Auto Train Brain LIGHT 6-month
    package. Blood tests conducted by a neurology specialist revealed deficiencies
    in vitamins B and D. Within 6 months, our child's reading speed increased from
    60 words per minute to 120 words per minute. For the first time, we look into
    the future with confidence. Our son's self-confidence has improved, and his
    school performance increased by 20 points."

  • Istanbul - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

    "A psychiatrist diagnosed our son with ADHD, and we started using
    medication. However, the side effects were too much, and our child lost a lot
    of weight. When we stopped the medication, he returned to his previous state.
    After consulting with a neurology specialist, we began using the Auto Train
    Brain PRO 6-month package. Initially, we used it alongside the medication. In
    the mornings, before taking the medication, we applied the treatment for half
    an hour. Over time, under the doctor's supervision, we gradually reduced the
    medication. Currently, our son doesn't use medication, and his attention
    deficit and hyperactivity have significantly decreased to a level that doesn't
    draw attention in the classroom. He regained his normal weight. Positive
    progress was observed in CAS tests."

  • Istanbul - Dyslexia, ADHD, Epilepsy

    "Our son's epilepsy started
    when he was 3 years old. Currently, he is using both epilepsy and
    attention-enhancing medication. Upon the recommendation of the neurology
    specialist, we started using the Auto Train Brain MEGA 9-month package. We
    conducted a sleep EEG, CAS test, and blood analysis. Based on the blood test
    results, we provided the necessary vitamin supplements. Within 6 months, our
    medication dosages significantly decreased, and we will soon discontinue the
    epilepsy medication entirely. Our son used the application comfortably, and his
    mood has improved over time."

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