Auto Train Brain Services: Brain Regions, Inflammation, and Necessary Supplements

At Auto Train Brain, we provide services that aim to uncover differences in different brain regions, detect inflammation, determine the types of education needed, and supplement necessary vitamins and fatty acids through consultations with neurology experts. In this blog post, we will discuss the services offered by Auto Train Brain and how they contribute to children's education.

Detection of Differences in Brain Regions

Auto Train Brain utilizes advanced technologies to reveal differences in brain activity and connections in different regions of children's brains. This allows us to identify potential differences in brain regions associated with specific skills such as language abilities, mathematical aptitude, or attention focus. This information is valuable for personalizing education programs and focusing on children's strengths.

Detection of Inflammation

Auto Train Brain also evaluates the presence of inflammation in the brain. Inflammation can affect brain functions and contribute to learning difficulties. By monitoring inflammatory processes in the brain using our methods, we can determine whether a child has any issues associated with inflammation and develop appropriate treatment strategies.

Identification of Educational Needs

Based on differences in brain activity and connections, Auto Train Brain can determine the types of education required for a child. For example, a customized education program, such as language therapy, can be created for a child experiencing difficulties in language skills, or mathematics education for a child seeking to enhance their mathematical abilities. This allows for the development of targeted education strategies to support the child's strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Consultations with a Neurology Expert and Supplementation

After evaluating a child's brain profile, Auto Train Brain can collaborate with a neurology expert to supplement necessary vitamins and fatty acids. In some cases, specialized supplements may be recommended to support the child's brain functions. For instance, omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain health and can be used as supplements. This contributes to supporting the child's brain health and enhancing the learning process.


Auto Train Brain uncovers differences in various brain regions, detects inflammation, determines educational needs, and collaborates with neurology experts to provide necessary supplementation, all in order to contribute to children's education. By personalizing education strategies according to individual needs and supporting brain health, we aim to enhance the learning experience for children.


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