Those preparing for exams... Strengthen your reading skills and increase your success! How?

Those preparing for exams... Strengthen your reading skills and increase your success! How?

Many students who are preparing for LGS and YKS exams and want to achieve success in the exams usually focus on study strategies and try to improve their question-solving skills. However, they often overlook reading skills. Strong reading skills are a critical factor for increasing success not only in language and literature courses, but also in all subjects and exams.

Why are reading skills important?

Reading is an essential skill that helps students improve their access to information, their capacity to understand and their ability to think critically. Exams often involve complex texts and extracting information from these texts accurately and quickly is critical for successful exam performance. In addition, reading skills provide students with the ability to organize their thoughts, think analytically and evaluate critically.

The impact of reading skills on exams:

Exams often assess skills such as analyzing, analyzing and summarizing. Strong reading skills give students the advantage of performing these tasks more effectively. In addition, the ability to correctly understand, infer from the text and reach logical conclusions when solving complex questions is directly related to reading skills.

Reading skills lead directly to success!

Strong reading skills help students learn better and succeed in exams. Students with improved ability to comprehend and synthesize information can answer exam questions more effectively, which positively affects their overall success. Also, as reading skills improve, students can manage their learning process more effectively and adapt to information more quickly.

Are you reading correctly?

Reading correctly plays an important role in comprehension. The focus of your eyes, their movements allow you to read correctly. When you read the text with the correct eye focus and movements, your reading performance increases and your comprehension improves.

Our eyes have neural networks that convert the incoming rays into electrical signals and transmit them to the brain to form images. Our brain processes these signals. The more accurately we use our eyes, the more accurately we manage our eye movements, the more accurate signals we send to our brain. For this, the eye muscles that control eye movements must work properly.

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What else can you do to improve your reading skills?

  • Getting into the habit of reading books or magazines for a certain amount of time every day is an effective way to strengthen reading skills.
  • Reading on different topics not only increases general knowledge, but also helps them to better adapt to different types of texts.
  • Using comprehension strategies such as identifying the main idea, distinguishing details and summarizing the text helps to improve reading skills.
  • Learning unknown words through a dictionary expands vocabulary and improves comprehension.
  • Taking notes of important information from read texts helps students to organize and remember information.


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