What Do Mothers with Learning Disabilities Experience? How Can They Overcome What They Experience?

What Do Mothers with Learning Disabilities Experience? How Can They Overcome What They Experience?

Having a child is one of life's most special and meaningful experiences. However, for some mothers, this process can bring different challenges when their child has a learning disability. Mothers with learning disabilities experience different emotional, physical and psychological experiences during their child's education and development.

The education and future of a child with learning disabilities is a source of great concern for mothers. The child's struggle with academic failure can increase mothers' anxiety levels. Mothers may feel guilty if their child has a learning disability. This feeling may cause the mother to see herself as the source of her child's problems.

The difficulties of the child with learning disabilities also have an impact on the mother's social activities and relationships. As mothers devote more time to finding solutions to their children's problems, they may neglect their own social lives and find it difficult to balance work and family life.

Mothers who experience a loss of self-esteem after their children fail in school and learning processes may also lose confidence in themselves. They may become angry at times, especially when they find it difficult to help their children.

They may face economic difficulties to meet the needs of their children due to the costs of special education and therapies.

So, how can mothers overcome their difficulties?

  • Learn about learning disabilities and understand the situation better. They can get support from experts.
  • They can talk to other mothers in similar situations and lighten their emotional burden.
  • They can get professional help. Working with experts can help to learn the most effective solutions for the child's learning disability.
  • Make time for themselves whenever they have the opportunity. Making time for their own hobbies, social activities and relaxation can help mothers feel better about themselves.
  • A child's learning disability can make communication between mothers and children difficult. Mothers can take care to use positive and supportive language when supporting their children.
  • Children with learning disabilities may need more attention from mothers and special methods for their education. Mothers can manage this process more easily by learning to be flexible and patient.

Auto Train Brain offers mothers very effective advantages:

EEG-based and AI-supported, personalized, mobile neuro-feedback training Auto Train Brain offers the ideal solution for all learning disabilities from dyslexia to dysgraphia, dyscalculia to dyspraxia, ADHD to atypical autism, hyperactivity to cerebral palsy.

Auto Train Brain application is used together with the headset. EEG signals are read from the brain through the headset. After determining in which area of the brain the slow waves are located with the measured EEG signals, a personalized training program is presented by artificial intelligence. For the training, visual and auditory feedback is provided via the cell phone. No current is applied to the brain.

Auto Train Brain

  • Can be used by people of all age groups between 4-80 years old.
  • Makes a difference in an average of 6 months to 1 year.
  • Provides 70% improvement in reading comprehension, 45% improvement in reading speed, 50% improvement in attention, 18% improvement in speech, 36% improvement in socialization and 41% improvement in cognitive activity.
  • It is applied in home environment.
  • 30 minutes a day is enough.
  • No side effects.
  • Provides permanent effect.
  • Standardized, clinical study has been conducted.
  • It is CE certified, supported by TUBITAK and KOSGEB.
  • While the effect level of other solutions is between 0.33 and 0.43, the effect level of Auto Train Brain is 0.88.
  • With the support of specialists, comprehensive diagnostic studies such as EEG, CAS test and personalized supplementation if your child lacks vitamins and minerals; during the process, all medications, if any, are rearranged, dosages are determined and development is monitored.

Like hundreds of our clients, you can overcome your child's learning disability with Auto Train Brain!

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