Auto Train Brain Approach in Dyslexia Treatment: Balancing Brain Waves

Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling skills. Various methods are used in dyslexia treatment, and one of them is the Auto Train Brain approach. Auto Train Brain aims to alleviate dyslexia symptoms by regulating brain waves. In this blog post, we will discuss how the Auto Train Brain approach is used in dyslexia treatment and the importance of balancing brain waves.

Reduction of Slow Waves

One of the main objectives of dyslexia treatment with Auto Train Brain is the reduction of slow waves. Slow waves (typically known as theta and delta waves) become active in the brain during states of relaxation and slowing down. However, in conditions like dyslexia, excessive activity of slow waves can lead to attention deficits and difficulties in focus. Auto Train Brain protocols are used to decrease slow waves in individuals with dyslexia. For example, Dream1 and Dream2 protocols (NF3) can help reduce slow waves with sessions lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Normalization of Relative Fast Waves

In the second stage of Auto Train Brain treatment, the aim is to bring relative fast waves (typically known as alpha and beta waves) back to age-group norms. Alpha waves are active during relaxation and visual attention states, and they are associated with cognitive functions. Beta waves, on the other hand, are active during intense cognitive activity and focus. In individuals with dyslexia, relative fast waves may exhibit imbalances. Auto Train Brain's NF1 protocols can assist in returning these waves to normal levels.

The Role of Auto Train Brain in Dyslexia Treatment

The Auto Train Brain approach targets the rebalancing of brain waves in dyslexia treatment. Reduction of slow waves and normalization of relative fast waves can contribute to improvements in attention, focus, and cognitive functions. Auto Train Brain protocols typically start showing effective results after a regular training period of 2-3 months.


The Auto Train Brain approach in dyslexia treatment aims to regulate brain waves. Reduction of slow waves and normalization of relative fast waves play a significant role in alleviating dyslexia symptoms. However, since each individual's condition may vary, it is important to seek support from a knowledgeable professional regarding this treatment method. Auto Train Brain offers a promising treatment option for individuals living with learning disorders like dyslexia.

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