Mission: "To optimize brain health and foster epigenetic changes using technology to maximize individuals' potentials."


The social impact created by Auto Train Brain is very high and can span years. It has a great impact on the child's school life, and getting a better job in  business life. With the education received between the ages of 7-10, in the first years of primary education, when the problem begins, this problem will be eliminated with early intervention and the impact on the child's life will be reduced.


The Auto Train Brain mission is aligned with the goals of the United Nations development program (UNDP) . These goals are in terms of access to quality education, getting quality education for as long as necessary (PD9173) , sustainable health, being able to continue education in a quality environment (PD0754) , development close to their peers in language development (PI0045) , taking care not to have developmental delays in children ( PD9911). It is in line with the goals of the United Nations.



Vision: "To enhance mental well-being and elevate genetic potentials to the highest level accessible to everyone through a personalized mobile application."


Auto Train Brain - Platform , online real-time special education expert support will be provided, and we will be a quality virtual rehabilitation center spread all over the country.


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