Auto Train Brain is a mobile application that aims to permanently improve the cognitive abilities of individuals with dyslexia, atypical autism, attention deficit, and intellectual disability. It uses neurofeedback and multi-sensory learning to help improve reading skills and brain maturation, and reduce disconnection syndrome and the effects of inflammation. The app is based on artificial intelligence and personalized training programs are created based on EEG signals that measure slow brain waves. It is a non-invasive solution that can be used at least three times a week for 30 minutes per session. Clinicians and families can view activity reports remotely and follow patients' progress over the long term. Auto Train Brain is available on Android and iOS platforms and has been clinically proven to be effective, with a 2-fold increase in cognitive areas such as reading comprehension, reading speed, writing, spelling, speaking, attention, hearing, socialization, and memory. It has received funding from Sabancı University, TÜBITAK 1512, TÜBİTAK 1507, KOSGEB R&D, TÜBİTAK 3501, the European Union, and the Republic of Turkey. It has gained media attention and has been featured in international conferences and journals.

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  1. Are you sending an electrical signal to the brain?

No way. Only the signals coming from the brain are read from the EEG header. Feedback is provided visually and audibly over the mobile phone.


  1. Does the procedure have any side effects?

Human clinical study of our training has been completed and no adverse effects have been reported.


  1. What age group is the training suitable for?

Any age group between the ages of 4 and 80 can use the training.


  1. Is this training language dependent?

No. This training is based on brain-computer interfaces and is a language-independent, neurofeedback -based training.


  1. Should we do the training every day?

It should be done every day if possible, if not at least 3 days a week.


  1. Which protocols should be used?

When starting the first training, Dream1- NF3 should be used for 15 minutes and Dream2-NF3 should be used for 15 minutes. Then the book should be read.

After 1 month, the trainings suggested by artificial intelligence should be continued.


  1. How can I follow the progress?

1 month after starting the training, the development begins to reflect on life. From the reports, we observe that the data of the person is closer to the normal data for the age group.


  1. How long should I use the training?

6 months of use is recommended for dyslexia. 12 months of use is recommended for epilepsy and intellectual disability.


  1. Can we use it with drugs to increase attention?

Yes, it is possible. You should apply the training before you get the daily medication.  If you use a drug for epilepsy, you should first take the drug and use the app.

Drug consumption will be reduced after using the training app under the supervision of your doctor.

 The results of Auto Train Brain

  1. Do we have to use it continuously?

No. Our app improves cognitive abilities in such a way that there is no need to use the app later on.


  1. When we stop using the app, will there be any regression?

If the underlying allergies or autoimmune problems persist, there may be some regressions, but not to the extent the child’s reading will be reversed. If there are no allergies, the app training results are permanent.


  1. Can we extend the subscription after 6 months?

Yes. It is possible.


  1. How many minutes should we use every day?

30 minutes of training would be enough. Normally, we start with Dream1- NF3 and Dream2-NF3 for the first month and continue according to AI’s suggestions. After the training, 15 minutes reading is suggested.


  1. How long should we use the app?

It depends on the situation of the child. If he has dyslexia and no comorbities like ADHD, epilepsy, 3 to 6-month training would be enough. If he has comorbities, then 9-months or 12-months trainings are suggested. For mental retardation, 1.5 years of usage is suggested.


  1. Should we buy a 5-channel headset or a 14-channel headset?

With more channels, the results would reflect to real life faster.

With 5-channel headset, you need to double the training duration.

Process workflow of Auto Train Brain


 16. What is the difference between 1-channel neurofeedback and your solution?

Dyslexia and all other learning disabilities are disconnection symptoms, it means that the coherence between the intrahemispheric regions are low. The efficacy of 1-channel neurofeedback in the literature is 0.3 (Breteler et al.,2010),

whereas our solution implements whole brain QEEG based neurofeedback from 14-channels, therefore the efficacy is much higher 0.88 (Eroglu et al., 2020).

17. Is it one time training, or should we repeat every year?

It is a one time training for 6-9 months. After that, the child do not require any other special education and continue with the normal academic training.

18. Would there be any regression if we stop using it?

30% of the dyslexic people have metabolic problems. Metabolic problems badly affect the brain performance, and the brain performance also badly affect the metabolism. If there would be metabolic problems, the regressions would occur if these conditions are not treated separately.