Does Learning Difficulties Affect Only Children?

Does Learning Difficulties Affect Only Children?

The close bond between each family and their child is indisputable. Especially mothers have a great protective instinct towards their children. Their every behaviour and emotional state is worth investigating for mothers, and it is worth endless effort when they see a negativity. Every mother wants her child to be very good and even to be healthy individuals who can suffice on their own when the day comes, and they strive for this. However, some mothers have to work harder than other mothers and none of them are offended because, like any mother, they want their own children to be like all other children. Mothers whose children have learning difficulties are also included in the category of mothers who put in more effort than other mothers. So why do these mothers put in more effort? What are these mothers going through? How can they overcome this situation?


The effects of learning disabilities on parents!

The learning disability of the child affects the family as well as the child. When families realize this situation most of the time, disapproval can be seen as a priority. The reason for this is the unconscious advice spoken in the environment, such as "Every child is different, other people's children also have this situation and they will improve in the future, so they should not fall on it". However, with the increase in the awareness of the family in the following periods, the learning difficulty in the child is understood and this time the family blames itself.

For example, in this process, in families;

  • Tendency to blame yourself
  • Psychological fatigue
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Fear
  • Increase in self-criticism
  • Resentment some effects are observed.

The reasons for these effects are;

  • “I could have noticed sooner.” thought
  • “What if my child is withdrawn and ostracized by his environment, unable to be self-sufficient?” fear
  • “Will we be able to overcome the learning disability?” anxiety
  • “If I were a good parent, I could see my child's needs.” is self-criticism.

Let's overcome the effects by telling each other!

Parents should know that they are not alone in tackling learning disabilities; Too many of our children face this challenge. For this reason, as the Auto Train Brain Family, we contribute by organizing live broadcasts on Instagram in order to remind our parents that they are not alone, to share the difficult moments in this process, to get advice from other families who have experienced similar situations, and most importantly to relax by sharing. You can also participate in our weekly broadcasts. By sharing your experiences and feelings in this process, you can be a light to other families and make them feel that they are not alone.

Advice to parents:

  • Parents, observe your children.
  • Make your child feel safe.
  • Be tolerant, patient and understanding towards your child.
  • Be consistent in your behavior towards your child.
  • Try not to project your worries onto your child.
  • Ensure your child has self-confidence and motivation.
  • Reward your child's efforts as well.
  • Don't do what he has to do for him.
  • Do not compare your child with siblings or friends.
  • To have a good time together, go to the cinema, to the park, have a picnic, play games.
  • Share your problems with the school and collaborate with your child's teacher.
  • Remember that you are not alone, there is a solution to learning difficulties, give importance to your education.

The people who know your child best are their parents. You better know their needs, abilities, likes and dislikes. Never forget that your child needs you. If you are good, they can be good too. When there is a subject you need on any subject, you can contact the experts and find the answer to your question. In this way, you can help your child more.

Auto Train Brain is a reliable, permanent, side-effect free, easy-to-use, short-acting solution for learning disabilities as personalized neurofeedback training. It was developed by the mother of a child with dyslexia.

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