How do business leaders manage their stress?

How do business leaders manage their stress?

Stress is a common occurrence at all ages and in all areas of life, including school, home and work. The causes and effects of stress can be different for everyone. Stress can be caused by many different factors. Family problems, disagreements among friends, relationship problems or social conflicts can be sources of stress. Economic difficulties or financial uncertainties can increase stress. Health concerns, noise, traffic, crowded environments or environmental stressors can cause stress. And most of all, the academic process and exams at school, performance expectations and working conditions at work, too much work to be done, time pressure or worries about keeping up can also cause us to experience stress.

Stress causes physiological reactions in the body, increasing the release of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. This can increase heart rate, blood pressure, affect the digestive system and weaken the immune system. The symptoms and consequences of stress can vary depending on the reaction to events and their duration. Long-term stress can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, sleep problems and serious health problems.

According to Turkey's Stress Map Survey, 76% of the respondents defined themselves as stressed. 3 out of every 4 people stated that they cannot even dream of a stress-free life. In the research, which revealed that women feel more stressed than men, the stress level of the working population was found to be 75%. Why?

  • Increasing job expectations and keeping performance high in business life is an important source of stress.
  • Intense work tempo, excessive workload, pressure to keep up with work and constantly changing priorities can increase stress.
  • Difficult working relationships, communication problems and conflicts can also cause work stress.
  • Changing working conditions, uncertainty about the future and the need to adapt to new situations are also sources of stress.

Especially for those in leadership positions, work life is not just a journey of successes and victories. Along the way, leaders sometimes have to deal with the pressure of decision-making, the weight of responsibilities and the stress of changing circumstances. Leaders can often be under more stress because they have a range of responsibilities, such as making big decisions, managing challenging situations and motivating the team. Stress is an inevitable part of work life and an important factor for leaders to manage.

Stress can affect leaders' decision-making, cause them to lose focus and even affect their physical and mental health. Leaders' stress can affect not only their own performance, but also the team's motivation and work productivity. It is critical for leaders to effectively manage their own stress, not only for their own performance, but also for the success and well-being of the team.

Leaders use different strategies to manage stress. Some reduce stress through regular exercise, while others overcome stress through relaxation techniques such as meditation or breathing exercises. Improving time management skills and balancing workload are also important ways to cope with stress. Managing their emotions by improving their emotional intelligence and staying calm in times of crisis is also one of the ways leaders cope with stress.

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