The Tortoise and the Hare

One day, the tortoise came across the hare and said, "I can run faster than you!" Although the hare said, "Get out of here!" he couldn't convince the tortoise. Finally, thinking that it wouldn't matter, he agreed to race with the tortoise. They set a date and parted ways. The day arrived, and the hare knew how fast he could run, so he didn't care and curled up by the side of the road and fell asleep. But the tortoise knew he couldn't run fast, so he didn't waste even a minute and immediately set off. He arrived at the destination before the hare.

The Goat and the Donkey

Once upon a time, a goat and a donkey were living together on a farm. The goat always had to find her own food, but the donkey was fed by their owner every day because he was used for heavy labor. The goat had forgotten the hard work the donkey did every day and was jealous of him being fed by their owner. As a member of the farm, she complained, "Why does the donkey always get his food brought to him while I have to find my own food every day?" After thinking about her plan for a long time, she went to the donkey to put it into action.

The goat said, "Donkey brother, do you know what? I feel sorry for your situation. You carry hundreds of kilos of load every day without stopping, I've never seen you rest even for a day, you also need some rest."

The donkey replied, "Goat sister, you know the situation. Our owner doesn't have another animal to carry the loads, so I have to work every day for the farm's chores."

The goat said, "Donkey brother, if you keep doing everything, of course, the owner won't stop you. Maybe if you get sick or injured, the owner will get another donkey to help you, and you can work together in a row."

King and his shoes

Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a wealthy country. One day, he wanted to visit every corner of his country. He hit the roads and went to every village and town, regardless of the mountains and hills. When he returned to the palace, his feet hurt a lot because he had walked on rocky terrain. He constantly complained that the stones and rocks on the roads had hurt his feet.

Therefore, the king ordered his men to cover all the roads in his country with leather. When all the roads in his country were covered with leather, the king could travel comfortably. However, covering all the roads with leather was quite difficult, as it required a lot of cowhide. It was going to cost a lot of money just to make the king walk more comfortably.

The queen came up with a suggestion for this situation. She said to the king: "Why spend so much money on this job? Instead of covering all the roads with leather, you can solve this problem by cutting a piece of leather and making shoes for your feet."

The king liked the queen's suggestion. He agreed with her and had a pair of shoes made from leather for himself. He continued to travel his country, covering every inch of it, wearing his new leather shoes.


The Lost Man

A man was sitting in his garden, happy and content in his home. He had a loving family with a wife and children.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking, tossing him from side to side. An earthquake was happening. It lasted for approximately one minute. At first, the man froze, but when the earthquake stopped, he ran towards the nearby forest. He was running so fast that he quickly reached the forest, but he got lost because everything looked the same.

He kept running without stopping, and then he saw an old woman in a house nearby. He started seeing her every time he ran by, and she told him that he wasn't going anywhere and was just running in circles. He eventually slowed down as she advised him. The old woman told him how to heal his feet using moss and showed him the way out of the forest towards his home.

When he arrived home, his family was anxiously waiting for him. They hugged him and told him how much they loved him. They celebrated his return and promised to follow his example if they ever got lost in the forest.


Cell phone and the man

Once upon a time, a man saved up all his money to buy a cell phone because he loved watching music videos. His wife gave him a beautiful cell phone as a birthday present. But when he tried to listen to his favorite songs, he saw that the music and video were cutting out and skipping. He was frustrated and couldn't understand why this expensive phone was having these problems. He couldn't return the phone to the store, so he didn't know what to do with it. He took the phone to a cell phone repair shop with his father. The technician told him that this was a common problem and was usually seen in phones that have been dropped or hit. The technician opened the phone and showed him where the screen was damaged and that the speaker was also broken. He said he could fix it, but he needed to take better care of his phone from now on. The technician made the phone even better than before. The man promised to take good care of it and the phone played his favorite music beautifully.

The child hiding in the closet

One day, a very big earthquake happened in the place where Ayse lived. Ayse immediately hid in the closet. The earthquake passed, and her whole family went outside, but Ayse was so scared that she couldn't come out of the closet. Her family searched for her everywhere. Ayse stayed inside the closet for so long that she forgot how to go outside. She couldn't remember how to go to school or play with her friends. One day, the phone in the house rang, and no one was home. Ayse came out of the closet and answered the phone. Her teacher told her that she needed to come to school. Ayse had also forgotten how to leave the house and go to school. She walked around the rooms of the house, found a way to go outside, and then left for school. It was a good thing she did because all of her friends were waiting for her at school with excitement and love.

The Girl Turned into Stone

While Zeynep's mother was pregnant with her, a neighbor became jealous of the new arrival and put a curse on her. Despite being very talented, the girl would not be able to express her abilities to the outside world. Zeynep spent her entire childhood feeling ugly and useless. She would go to school but would stay motionless for hours. Eventually, she turned into a stone, unable to move anything except her eyes. Zeynep's relatives, who felt sorry for her situation and knew about the curse, immediately went to the neighbor and demanded that she remove the curse. The neighbor put a drop of elixir in Zeynep's eye, and her petrification was lifted. Zeynep started to run, laugh, and play with her friends and said, "I couldn't see my talents and how great I was because I was frozen by the curse."

The boy with the broken car

Ahmet had wonderful cars. He loved to ride them, especially his yellow Mercedes. One day, a big boy named Doruk came and bumped into Ahmet's Mercedes, crushing it completely under his weight. Ahmet was very sad about this and didn't know what to do at first. Then, he took his car to a mechanic. The mechanic replaced the crushed seats with new ones and repainted the car. Ahmet was very happy because his car was now better than before. He never made friends with someone like Doruk again and happily played games with his other friends.

The house with a broken stove

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful house that was used as a vineyard house. A happy family lived inside. One day, lightning struck and damaged the part of the stove pipe that was outside. From that day on, the stove started to emit smoke and overheat inside the house. The inhabitants of the house fled and never returned. One day, a repairman came to the house and found out that the problem was caused by the stove pipe in the house. He repaired the pipe and the stove started to work well and heat the house again.

After the stove was repaired, a family liked the house very much and decided to live there by planting flowers around it.

Tennis Ball

Ali was playing tennis with his friends when, in one of the moments they found amusing, he accidentally swallowed a tennis ball. From then on, whenever someone made fun of him or he got angry, the ball would come out and cause him stomach pain.

Fed up with this situation, Ali went to see a doctor and told him that he didn't want the ball inside him anymore. The doctor said that if he talked to him and told him about the things that were bothering him, the ball would come out with the words and he would feel better. Ali initially thought that talking about it would make the situation worse, but he decided to tell the doctor everything. After sharing his feelings with the doctor, the ball eventually came out. From then on, he started speaking up about anything that bothered him to prevent a similar situation from happening again.



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