Tips for beginners

Use the arrow neurofeedback interface as a beginner.

Choose Dream1 (left brain) protocol and NF3 mode. Apply this for 15 minutes.

Choose Dream2 (right brain) protocol and NF3 mode. Apply this for 15 minutes.

If Dream2 protocol does not yield high neurofeedback scores, continue with Dream1 -NF3 and Read/ Speak NF1 protocols only.

Read an age-matched book for 15 minutes after neurofeedback session. 

The cognitive report shows the relevant neurofeedback and special education needs. After a couple of months, you may use other neurofeedback protocols, and follow the suggestions of AI in the cognitive reports.  Most of the special education suggestions exist in our Auto Train Brain Special education mobile app. Please download and use it after neurofeedback sessions.

Use neurofeedback and special education every day during the daytime.

If you use attention-increasing drugs, do not stop using them without consulting your doctor. You may continue using neurofeedback while taking your drugs, then your doctor will rearrange, and possibly reduce the doses after a couple of months.

Neurofeedback is only applied to the brain parts which are deviating from the norm data. The closer the brain's data to the norm data, the better the brain performance is.

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