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ADHD LIGHT - Auto Train Brain Software Subscription 9 Months

ADHD LIGHT - Auto Train Brain Software Subscription 9 Months

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9-month package is a package for ADHD, and atypical autism. At the end of the first month, the improvements starts to reflect to the real life.

Developed by experts in the field, the Auto Train Brain software app is an interactive, comprehensive, and non-invasive solution for individuals with dyslexia. It utilizes neurofeedback & multi-sensory learning to enhance their reading skills and brain maturation while reducing the disconnection syndrome and the damaging effects of inflammation. 

Based on artificial intelligence, the app is easy to use. People with dyslexia aged between four and 80 can easily utilize the mobile app and overcome their learning difficulties without leaving the comfort of their homes and without lowering their self-confidence. The activities in the app are also personalized and adapted to the user’s specific needs. With continued use, the Auto Train Brain app can help unleash the many potentials of dyslexic people.

This particular product is a nine-month subscription package to Auto Train Brain. We recommend using the app for 30 minutes each day, followed by a ten-minute reading activity. At the end of the first month, cognitive improvements will likely start to reflect in real life. 

Quick product features:

  • 2 times free online consultation with Neurology Expert
  • 7 times activity results assessment with a psychologist included.
  • Nine-month subscription to Auto Train Brain, a software app designed for dyslexia
  • Free special education mobile app included
  • Includes personalized training programs to help users overcome their learning difficulties
  • Designed with the help of AI to make the app interactive
  • Recommended use: 30 minutes per day, followed by a ten-minute reading activity
  • Requires installation of EMOTIV LAUNCHER on iOS or Android



Get a headset from the following link:

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Customer Reviews

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Tolunay Kara

Bende hafif dikkat eksiği vardı, bu ürünü kullandıktan sonra bir daha ilaç gibi şeyler kullanmama gerek kalmadı. Tesekkur ederim.

Sibel Karagöl
Tiklerimiz ve dürtüselliğimiz tümüyle iyileşti

Oglumda yogun DEHB ve tik sorunu yeralmaktadır. Bu sorunlar yoğun bir şekilde Auto Train Brain kullandıktan sonra tümüyle ortadan kalktı. Kullandığımız ilacı da azaltarak bıraktık. Çok etkili bir çözüm. Hem de doktor ve psikolog eşliğinde kullanılıyor.