Auto Train Brain Solution, Effective at clinical level

Dyslexia Auto Train Brain provides more benefits with a proper diet

Autoimmune problems; It can affect the brain and central nervous system in humans, causing deterioration at the cell level or developmental delays.

With special diets, the autoimmune infrastructure can be brought under control in a period of 6-12 months. Nerve and brain cellular infrastructure, which is deteriorated by practices such as meditation and special education, can improve over time.

It is very difficult to accustom children aged 4-14 to meditation practice. In the same way, it can be very difficult to follow diets to the letter and take them to continuous special education.

With Auto Train Brain, which we call instrumental brain pilates, it is aimed to increase the conscious awareness of children by being guided by simple audio-visual commands.

It has been observed that after a certain period of use, nerve and brain cells that become disconnected or unable to develop due to the autoimmune infrastructure continue their normal development by accelerating.

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