Children's future is shaped by their "reading comprehension" skills. What can you do to improve your children's reading comprehension skills?

Children's future is shaped by their "reading comprehension" skills. What can you do to improve your children's reading comprehension skills?

We all want and dream for our children to be happier, healthier and more successful. Nowadays, experts pay special attention to children's reading comprehension skills in order to realize these three elements. We know that children who are confident, at peace with themselves, curious and love learning are happier, more successful and healthier. How?

Research shows that children with good reading comprehension skills are more successful academically. Good comprehension skills lead to more effective learning not only in social studies but also in math, science and social sciences.

Reading teaches us to empathize with the emotional states of different characters. This helps children communicate better and understand the feelings of others.

Children with improved reading comprehension skills gain the ability to question and analyze texts and evaluate various points of view. This increases their critical thinking skills.

Reading comprehension expands children's imagination and helps them think creatively. It provides mental flexibility to be open to different worlds and ideas.

Reading comprehension is also effective in reducing stress and relaxation.

Reading comprehension supports brain function, increases the ability to learn new words, concepts and information, and strengthens memory.

So, what can we do to strengthen our children's reading comprehension skills?

  • First, we should set an example for them. Seeing books around them makes them interested in books too. Organizing reading times as a family not only strengthens bonds but also shows that reading is an enjoyable activity.
  • When choosing books with our children, we should focus on their interests. Choosing books that reflect their passions makes it easier for them to develop reading habits.
  • We should talk to our children and help them understand books. We should ask questions about the stories they read and encourage them to share their ideas. This not only strengthens their comprehension skills, but also improves their communication skills.
  • Our children are different. While some are quick to pick up books, for others reading may require a longer journey. We need to be patient and support them to progress at their own pace.

Why is reading comprehension skills important, especially in children with specific learning disabilities and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

Children with specific learning disabilities or ADHD may be disinterested and reluctant to read because of their reading difficulties and often have difficulty sustaining attention. Good reading comprehension skills increase focus and concentration, which leads to better reading performance and deeper comprehension.

At the same time, they may find it difficult to remain confident and motivated in academics. Strengthening reading comprehension increases their self-confidence and gives them more motivation in reading-related activities.

Good reading comprehension skills enable children to explore and learn information on their own. This supports the learning process of children with specific learning disabilities or ADHD.Özgül öğrenme güçlüğü, DEHB (Dikkat Eksikliği ve Hiperaktivite Bozukluğu) olan çocuklarımızın okuma anlam becerilerini geliştirmek için neler yapabiliriz?

  • Preparing individualized learning plans can help to meet their special needs.
  • It is important to recognize a child's strengths and use these strengths to improve reading comprehension skills. For example, if a child has a strong visual memory, they can be supported with visual reading materials.
  • It is important to develop the habit of reading regularly every day. Exploring different types of texts diversifies and broadens children's reading skills.
  • Providing a quiet and organized environment for reading can facilitate focus. It can also be useful to ask questions and encourage discussions to help children understand what they are reading.

With Auto Train Brain, you can improve the reading comprehension skills of our children with specific learning disabilities, ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) in a short time...

EEG-based neurofeedback training Auto Train Brain offers a personalized experience that is tailored to each child's learning style with the support of artificial intelligence. It improves your child's skills in reading, comprehension, reading speed, attention, speech, socialization, cognitive activities. It enables children to improve themselves and overcome problems in a short period of time such as 3 months to 6 months with a mobile phone application and headset, in the comfort of their homes, in a safe way, before the effects of the problems increase.

Auto Train Brain;

- 70% in reading comprehension,

- 45% in reading speed,

- 50% at attention,

- 18% in speech,

- 36% in socialization,

- Offers 41% improvement in cognitive activity.

Reading comprehension is not only beneficial for children's academic development, but also for their social and emotional development. Strengthening reading comprehension skills supports children to have a healthier learning process in general and to become better equipped individuals.

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